Snorre Snorre

Snorre Karkkonen Svensson

member of the board, translator

ilze ilze

Ilze Kalnbērziņa Praz

Designer / Kolektīvs

signe signe

Signe Valtiņa

Communication consultant / Kolektīvs

Alise Alise

Alise Birnbauma

Translation project manager

Guna Guna

Guna Gavare


Gunnstein Gunnstein

Gunnstein Husa


Aukse Aukse

Auksė Kascėnaitė


Miloš Miloš

Miloš Belčevi

Marketing consultant

Milica Milica

Milica Kojovi

graphic designer and illustrator

Venko Venko

Venko Zhivkov


uc-andrea-romanzi-NB uc-andrea-romanzi

Andrea Romanzi

Literary consultant

MartaRokeNB MartaRoke

Marta Roķe

Project manager

01 Quality

We are convinced that working in an area that you consider exciting is one of the greatest values, and it is important to do so with precision and an eye for detail. We care as much about content as about form, that’s why we strive at every stage of our process to attain the best, most suitable and qualitative ways of expression.

02 Discoveries

Searching for new territories forms is one of our personal interests and preferences. Our fields of work include; translation, language education and book publishing, giving both others and ourselves opportunities to gain new experiences.

03 A new viewpoint

The phrase ‘to think outside the box’ has already become a cliché and is characterised by having to free oneself from what has been established. However, we believe that freeing oneself is not the only way of creating something new. Boxes can be combined, expanded, crawled through, and, in doing this, gain a new way of seeing things.

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Latvian – Lithuanian – Estonian – Norwegian – Swedish – Danish – Finnish

Simultaneous interpreting

We provide simultaneous interpreting of films, seminars, conferences and discussions.
Price: €65 per hour (+VAT for Latvian customers)


We translate all kinds of texts: documents, websites, articles, literary texts etc.
Price: €35 per standard page (1800 characters, including spaces) into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, €45 per standard page into Nordic languages (+VAT for Latvian customers). The price includes copyediting and comparing against the original. There is a surcharge for handwritten texts or texts containing specific terminology.

Consecutive interpreting

We offer consecutive interpreting of conferences, seminars, discussions, meetings, visits, and negotiations. We use skilled and experienced interpreters.
Price: €50 per hour (+VAT for Latvian customers).


We offer copyediting, proofreading and harmonisation of terminology.
Price: €6 per standard page (1800 signs, including spaces) when the author of the text is a native speaker, or €10 per standard page when the author of the text is not a native speaker. In both cases, a €10 administration fee applies. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT for Latvian customers.

Orthographic transcription of proper names

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding transcription of Nordic proper names into Latvian.

Text collocation

We offer comparison of translations – a review of the text along with compliance monitoring.
Price: €4 per standard page (1800 signs, including spaces) + a €10 administration fee. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT for Latvian customers.

Transcription of recordings

We transcribe various types of video- and audio recordings. Prices available on request.

Customer discount

We offer 5-15% discounts for our regular clients, depending on scope and regularity. For larger single assignments, a discount is also offered in relation to the volume of the assignment. To find out more, contact us!


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Language teaching


We develop and conduct lectures exploring language-related topics, such as; multisensory language and pronunciation teaching, the use of various genres of written text in language testing and teaching environments, language testing and its framework in language learning, creative grammar teaching, and a teacher’s role in the process of language acquisition.

The method

We offer language learning methods tailored to clients’ needs using books, e-resources, video-lectures, audio recordings etc.


We offer courses of Nordic languages (i.e. Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian) for both business and private clients, also outside the Nordic region or Latvia, available via Skype. We are also happy to provide support concerning Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian. The price per hour depends on the language, the extent of the course and the teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the courses offered.


The use of play in language teaching is a fascinating way of broadening one’s knowledge of a language.

Latgalian language game

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