Latgalian language game

By developing the Latgalian language game, we wish to:

  1. contribute towards the more extensive understanding of Latgalian language by Latvians living in other areas of Latvia, as well as non-Latvian speakers who are, or have been, learning Latvian;
  2. develop a modern and qualitative board game, which facilitates understanding of Latgalian;
  3. inspire citizens all over  Latvia and foreigners speaking Latvian to become interested in the Latgalian written language: we wish to give written Latgalian value on a national scale.


A short description of the game:

The game is played  by  use of cards and is somewhat similar to the game of Dominoes. Each person has to put down cards carrying the same meaning in different language, one next to another. The person who manages to put down all of their cards first, wins.

The game contains words in three languages; Latgalian, Latvian and English. Words that have been selected for this game are both those completely different in Latvian and in Latgalian and those that differ only phonetically. On each card, there are two words in one of the three languages. In a deck there are three thematic groups, each language has 21 cards with two words on each, in total 63 cards and 3 jokers.

The game is based on a game developed for a better understanding of neighbouring countries in the Nordic region, which has been developed by Sorbonne University and the project Games in the Nordic region (