Frode Grytten. Bikubesong

The novel Bikubesong, written by the Norwegian author and journalist Frode Grytten (born 1960), was published in 1999. It caught the attention of Norwegian readers immediately, and made it to the bestseller list in Norway that year.

The novel consists of numerous short stories. It can be therefore described as a novel taking the form of a short story, or as a ‘house-centred novel’, since the narrative depicts the relationships between people living in the same house in an industrial village in Western Norway. The theme of the book is identity and the influence of others on the creation of one’s identity. Features characteristic for the novel are musicality of the language and composition, at times with explicit references to music. This in turn in characteristic of Grytten’s works.

Bikubesong was awarded a highly prestigious Brage award. It was also nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize. Frode Grytten is considered one of the most unconventional modern writers; he has written short stories, novels and collections of poetry, and has been awarded many Norwegian literary prizes. His works have been translated into Swedish, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, English, Albanian, Croatian, Chinese and Lithuanian.