Gabriel Scott. The Source

‘A man is brought to this world, he wanders around in a layer of dust, he lives, flounders and struggles for a while; he suffers from illness, injustice and loss. And then he dies and becomes forgotten and turns back into dust on the silent ground. Markus, maybe it is coming all at once, what for a Markus was it’

The novel The Source, the best known work of  Norwegian poet, dramaturge and author Gabriel Scott (1874-1958), tells a story of Markus, a fisherman, who lives his own life and has his own thoughts. The work stands out due to  the extent of its aesthetic saturation, and illustrates the author’s attempt to integrate the overall mystique, in  relation to the origins of creation and selfless love. The main character’s role throughout the novel can be compared with Jesus Christ’s role on Earth. Gabriel Scott’s works resound the same kind of atmosphere as Knut Hamsun’s. They were each other’s contemporaries and both were connected to Southern Norway.