Finn Skårderud. Turmoil – a journey into the contemporary self

Psychiatrist Finn Skårderud published the book “Turmoil – a journey into the contemporary self” in 1998. Human beings’ constant anxiety is the topic Skårderud writes about, and he does this in a very captivating way, by using academic theories and at the same time recounting his travels with a fictionalised slant . It is an extremely rich journey which wanders through cultures and their history, for which Skårderud chooses the concept of anxiety as a starting point, and its meaning in the life of the modern man. Skårderud writes empathically about the people he meets: He describes their tragic, uncommon or complex destinies and personalities. It is an ongoing dialogue between the narrator and the reader, in which the former shows how anxiety affects our lives from a psychoanalytical point of view, and challenges the reader to reflect upon our existence in the modern world and the way we live.

The book will be translated into Latvian by Dace Deniņa with the support of Norla.