Snorre Karkkonen Svensson, Ilze Lokmane. Norwegian grammar

Norwegian grammar is currently the most extensive foreign-language grammar book published in Latvian. The book covers not only grammar, but also Norwegian phonetics, and it gives insight into Norwegian language history and standardisation. Norwegian has two written language norms; bokmål and nynorsk. The book focuses mostly on the grammar of bokmål , but it also contains a separate chapter devoted to nynorsk grammar.

In the grammar, there is a special emphasis on the differences between Norwegian and Latvian, and it is intended for those learning Norwegian and others who are interested in the language; but especially for those studying Norwegian at degree level, Norwegian language teachers, translators and interpreters, including those, who have already acquired basic Norwegian language skills and wish to enhance their abilities. The authors combine a scientific and systematic approach with presentation of the material, intelligible even for non-specialists. The book can be used in systematic Norwegian studies or as a reference book.

Snorre Karkkonen Svensson is currently writing his PhD in Norwegian as a foreign language at the University of Bergen. He has lectured in Norwegian at the Latvian culture academy, the University of Bergen and the University of Latvia; he has also worked as an interpreter and a translator.

Dr Ilze Lokmane is a professor at the University of Latvia and has lectured in Latvian-Norwegian contrastive grammar at the Latvian culture academy. She is a leading expert in the field of linguistics. Amongst others, she is a co-author of Latvian academic grammar.

The book is published with support of the NFF and the Norwegian Embassy in Riga.