Hanne Ørstavik. There Is a Big Open Square in Bordeaux

“There Is a Big Open Square in Bordeaux” is a novel by Hanne Ørstavik, published in 2013. Ruth is an artist: she is 40 years old and has a daughter. After her divorce, she felt the need to experience sexuality in a way that she had missed during her marriage. She meets Johannes, who loves her – but not in an ordinary way. She has an art exhibition in Bordeaux, and while she wanders around town, the readers will glimpse her inner world, thoughts and feelings, desire and fears, frustrations and her need to be loved.
In Bordeaux she meets Abel, a woman who owns an art gallery. While Ruth waits for Johannes, she opens up to Abel, and they establish a deeper relationship.
In the most sensual work of Hanne Ørstavik, the characters struggle between the need for closeness and protection, and the difficulty of getting in touch with what is different in another human being.

The book is being translated into Latvian by Inga Bērziņa.