Mikael Niemi. Popular Music from Vittula

Popular Music from Vittula is one of the most popular Swedish novels of modern times, translated into 30 languages. The writer, Mikael Niemi, has created a story about a boy’s somehow unordinary world, where a range of unusual characters appear; an African priest, a witch in the middle of a forest, cousins from Missouri, an old Nazi, a pretty lady with a black Volvo, a bike expert, and last but not least, a shiny The Beatles vinyl.

Popular Music from Vittula offers a careful insight into an unusual Swedish landscape. Vittula in Northern Sweden, miles away from the urban Stockholm, is very much like a different world, surrounded by tundra and taiga, forests and potato croplands. People in Vittula are as fluent in Finnish as they are in Swedish, and both the young and the elderly make their own hooch out of yeast and sugar. The book is filled with great humour, and it can be described as lively, sad and imaginative.