Solveiga Elsberga. Kā Lielupe

In the collection Kā Lielupe (‘As Lielupe ’), Solveiga Elsberga (born 1938) gathered her own poems and literary translations of other authors’ poems. Latvian readers are familiar with Solveiga Elsberga’s translations from Scandinavian languages. Among her numerous translations are works such as Strindberg’s plays The Dance of Death, The Ghost Sonata, Miss Julie, The Father (1996), A Dreaming Game (1997), etc., works by A. Lundqvist , P. O. Enkvist, L. Frick, Kjell Askildsen, Per Petterson, Maria Gripe, and she has translated Tarjei Vesaa’s The Big Game. She has also done literary translations of works by the Danish poet Inga Kristensen, and has written essays about the books she had translated.